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Osman Çalışkan

Business Man, NGO Manager



Businessman, NGO manager,
He was born in Istanbul in 1972. He completed his primary and secondary education at Fatih İskenderpaşa and Çapa Secondary School, and high school at Istanbul Vefa High School. He graduated from Trakya University, Department of Accounting and Istanbul University, Department of Business Administration. He is still continuing his postgraduate education.

Çalışkan, who started his business life in an industrialist family company engaged in the production and wholesale of woven outerwear products in the textile sector, is an investor partner and finance partner in many companies operating in the fields of information technologies and software development, acting with the aim of technology development and localization in particular. continues to work as the responsible managing partner. He has worked in many different companies on partnership law, crisis management, task and responsibility sharing, entrepreneurship.

He also provides consultancy for angel investing and crisis management in businesses.

He is the Vice President of the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Venezuela, a Member of the Board of the Independent Industrialists’ Businessmen Association, the Chairman of the Sector Boards and the Business Development Commission, a Member of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Information Technologies Committee, and a Board Member of the Mobile Communication Tools and Information Technologies Business People’s Association.

Work Experience


Caliskan Group was established in 1997 to operate in the Textile, Construction and Informatics sectors and to participate in other companies operating in these fields. It still operates in several sectors, especially in the IT sector, and is an investor partner in many companies from different sectors. It produces solutions for many companies from different sectors with the products it has developed, and continues to provide technical and administrative consultancy services.


Öncü Security Systems is a technology company that ensures that international brands are delivered to consumers in the most effective and efficient way in electronic security systems. Since the day it was founded, it has succeeded to become the leading company of the sector by carrying out continuous infrastructure studies related to technical service, as well as sales, marketing, logistics and R&D studies.

Öncü Security Systems, together with its solution partners, produces professional solutions specific to each sector within the framework of the dealership system. It supports growth by taking the right steps on time with its experienced technical service team. It has adopted the principle of acting solution-oriented, not sales-oriented.

Öncü Security Systems was established in 2002. It has more than 1500 dealers and thanks to its wide product portfolio, it saves you time by providing all your needs from a single point. Thanks to its fast movement capability, it provides product supply for the needs.


Our company was established in Istanbul in 2009 to operate in the fields of security technologies, weak current systems, sales, service and project contracting. Combining the latest technological products and sector experience, it has set out with the goal of 100% customer satisfaction and operates in the country and abroad with its qualified and strong economic structure.

It has expanded its service network over time and has a considerable channel structure throughout Turkey thanks to both its production and service network.

It has positioned smart systems in many cities by pioneering active and rapidly developing systems that shape today's technologies. Intelligent traffic systems, City Security Systems and Alarm Management systems consisting of hundreds of businesses are the leading ones.


SECUBE Bilişim was established in 2014 to provide digital data storage and information management services at international standards to corporations. Since the day it was founded, we have been successfully managing millions of customers' data with the advanced technology software systems it has developed, and in a very short time it has become a pioneer among the companies that steer the digital industry. It works to provide the best service to its customers with its investments in data capture, digital archive management and the management of information in the electronic environment, with its software infrastructure that is open to innovations and constantly improving itself, and with its trained personnel specialized in their fields. With its data capture experience and knowledge, it looks at digital transformation from a different perspective and offers value-added solutions and services to its customers. While transferring big data, information and document management to digital, it also provides service with its own security infrastructure. We help our customers protect their data securely and create fast and efficient digital environments that are always easily accessible. We use national and domestic technologies in digital and digital archive solutions.


Our company DYS CONSTRUCTION FOREIGN TRADE INC. It was established in 2017. Although it is newly established, it has a staff with 30 years of international know-how and special project monitoring system (monitoring) experience. He continues his work in Turkey and Germany.

In the fields of construction, energy and telecommunication; It continues its activities especially in the fields of project design, licensing and construction of energy and telecommunication lines, horizontal drilling passage, fiber cable splicing and termination, construction, engineering, project, contracting, urban transformation, decoration, building reinforcement and real estate valuation services. It has important references especially in the fields of official institutions, villas, residences and business projects. He collaborated with German companies such as Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Vattenfall and Telekolumbus. During these studies; It is known for its quality materials, quality workmanship, reasonable prices and on-time delivery.


The more valuable the life water of a newly planted sapling, the more important the financial and moral support that an enterprise receives at an early stage. Growing a plant in the soil and keeping it alive is a challenging process. Being a lifeline is a good metaphor for supporting early stage startups. A start-up venture must receive a sufficient amount of life water. It should benefit from the right experiences, be directed correctly and reach the right investment. Benefiting from previous experience saves time. We also share our experiences with startups in the beginning stages, guide them and act as patrons.

  • We are an early stage investment company based in Istanbul.
  • We were established with the joint initiative of 12 leading representatives of the Turkish business world.
  • We focus on startups in the artificial intelligence, fintech and gaming industries.
  • Our aim is to combine early stage investment with moral support, namely patronage.
  • By building the right ecosystem, we can accelerate pre-seed and seed-stage companies and prepare them for the next round of investment.
  • Before investing in early stage startups, we focus on the startup's team first, then on the benefit, idea and market opportunity for humanity.
  • In just 12 months, we changed the perspectives of 4 startups and helped them improve their processes by increasing their survival rates.

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